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What I ate Wednesday, #11

Ooooh Happy WIAW! I guess this week is going by faster than expected, which is always a good thing! Enjoy some of my eats, although I’ll admit they aren’t all from one consecutive day..ooops. Well, only the lunch was different. :)


Prebreakfast- Crock pot season has arrived!! Fall. More fall posts to come, but how about a healthy stew with beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and greens to start off the day! No, I didn’t eat this for breakfast, sheesh.

Breakfast- Panda Puffs, apples, pb, and yogurt. Yummmy! After having some of Ryan’s fresh squeezed OJ.

Lunch- Leftover Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, recipe from ohsheglows! Its delicious, I added cheese to the top, shhh don’t tell.

Dinner- Beans! Done! Had a bowl with a brown rice tortilla, hummus and half an avocado. The avocados from our CSA box this year have been the best I have ever had!

Happy Hump Day!


Happy Friday! Ryan made fresh squeezed orange juice for me this morning! What a great start to the day :)

Happy Friday! Ryan made fresh squeezed orange juice for me this morning! What a great start to the day :)


Is gross… I had high hopes that I would like the Vega whole health optimizer powder, but the stevia taste makes me want to throw up. Does anyone else have this problem with artificial sweetener flavor? I know stevia is supposed to be “natural” but it’s nasty!

What I ate Wednesday, #10


It’s time for WIAW! This morning when I woke up I was convinced it was Saturday, that was unfortunate, but at least it’s hump day! It was in the 90s today, I love October in San Diego!

Breakfast- Tea, yogurt, and an orange. Siggi’s was on sale at whole foods this week :)

Lunch- Salad with avocado, apples, and walnuts, topped with my favorite poppyseed salad dressing (not pictured)

Lunch was served with a side of string cheese and a gorgonzola mushroom cornbread that I got at the farmer’s market on Sunday. Delicious!

Afternoon snack- Carrots! I love munching in the office, although I’m sure the coworkers don’t really like it.

Dinner- Veggie burger (sunshine burger, gluten and soy free) not my favorite but I fancied it up a bit and served it with some homemade sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were inspired by Mama Pea’s recipe here.

Dessert- I even made a apple cobbler. Apples really are my favorite fruit, and it is most definitely apple season! The topping was simply coconut flour and oats mixed with some butter and sugar. It’s healthy right? Hmm…I’ll have to think about that one :) And I apologize for the lack of recipes, I’ve been creating in the kitchen just not documenting properly.

I am really excited for apple season, I think apple sauce, apple butter, and other apple goodies are in my near future!

What is your favorite fall food?

- Lauren

Dinner. Tater tots are the ultimate comfort food.

Dinner. Tater tots are the ultimate comfort food.

What I ate Wednesday, #9


Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s storming outside today, but I don’t mind it much, it fits the mood with me being sick and injured. Hasn’t been the best of weeks, I found myself with a re-pinched nerve in the back and some gross and evil cold. After sleeping all day I have the strength to bring you this post about my favorite thing ever, fooooood! 

Breakfast- Strawberries (yes, I am still holding on to summer) with panda puff cereal and plain yogurt, topped with some chunky pb :)

Lunch- An overly grilled, grilled cheese with langostinos and munster cheese on gluten free bread, with a side of tomato red pepper soup for the painful throat. This bread I got at a newish gluten free Encinitas bakery called 2Good2B, and it really is delicious! I also had a carrot cake cupcake there and you couldn’t even tell it was gluten free. Definitely recommend! If only it wasn’t as expensive, the loaf cost me $8 I think.

Dinner- More bean tacos! I have been eating bean tacos way way too much lately. These were with some roasted chickpeas instead of refried beans( just changing it up a little). I also had a side of sweet potato, yummm.

Stay dry San Diegans! And don’t get sick! It is no fun!


What I ate in NY Pizza Edition :)

I’ve been usual. Not getting my blog posts done, forgetting to pay bills/rent/etc, and now I threw my back out (or reinjured it). Yay pinched nerves :( Well I stayed home sick today to rest my back, been laying on the floor for hours which gets old fast. I even finished all my shows on DVR and there were quite a few shows piling up. I decided to make a short what I ate in NY pizza post to cheer me up :)

I ran out of room to post all the pizza pictures but these were the best of what we tasted, each special in their own way.

My Favorites-

Artichoke Basille’s- Basically Artichoke dip baked onto a pizza! Amazing! Best non traditional cheese pizza I had.

Grimaldi’s vs. Lombardi’s- Both used coal ovens, but I found Lombardi’s crust and sauce to be better executed. The sauce was more flavorful and the crust was a little more chewy than Brooklyn’s Grimaldi’s.

Sal and Carmine’s- Best NY style pizza slice. Classic, flavorful and oh so satisfying.

Grandaisy Bakery- Really good creative pizza (original flavors), but was served cold. I’m sorry but that doesn’t fly. If you are going to serve pizza in NY it better be piping hot and amazing.

Anyways, hope you drool over these pictures because I know I will. But my system is definitely appreciating me being back on track, gluten/soy free.



I woke up to this fake parking ticket today!

Its stupid and kind of mean.

I parked really well on the street when everyone else parks like a crazy person.

I don’t get it. I mean I know it is a prank but put it on someone’s car who actually parks mean or doesn’t leave enough space for someone to park. I’m kind of confused though because on the fake parking ticket there was a name and real address from a different apartment number in our complex. So I wonder if the person was actually the one who wrote it or if it was a made up name. There was another car with one too. And the person was dumb and wrote the wrong make and model of my car, they wrote honda civic when I drive a volvo, and they took the time to write my license plate number right. So weird.

Oh well! Happy Saturday! Off to get ready for a wedding :)

What I Ate in NY the Bagel Edition

Bergen Bagels (Brooklyn)- Had half of a sesame bagel with garlic cream cheese and an everything bagel with basil cream cheese. These were amazing! Started the trip out right with a good bagel :) They also allow the toasting of bagels which wasn’t seen much at our other bagel stops.

Russ and Daughters- I had a Lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel complete with onion, tomatoes, and capers. The lox was amazing, and probably the best I’ve ever had! The bagel however was not nearly up to NY bagel standards in my opinion, I felt that they might have been sitting around for awhile. Despite the bagel, this place is really cute and I definitely enjoyed the vibe, the smoked fishes here are the stars of the show.

Murray’s Bagels (Chelsea)- We got an everything bagel with olive cream cheese and a health bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I love strawberry cream cheese and they did not disappoint! The bagels were chewy but way softer than Russ and Daughters and the cream cheese was delicious. I would pick this as number two from the bagel places I visited.

Absolute Bagel (Way Upper West Side)- Of course the one place I didn’t get a picture of was my favorite! We had an everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese and another with chive and garlic cream cheese. The chive and garlic cream cheese stole the show! Delicious and so flavorful paired with a hearty bagel chewy and just the right density! Number one in my book from the trip.

Broadway Bagel (Way Upper West Side)- I had an everything bagel with lox and scallion cream cheese topped with tomatoes and onion. While this bagel sammy was good it was nothing really to write home about, but I had to get my one last bagel fix before heading to the airport.

I love bagels! And now I have one growing around my stomach..eww..Luckily I went on a 2 mile walk/run today. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Although, on the bright side the scale doesn’t seem to think I’ve gained any weight, I just feel icky. Maybe refried bean tacos aren’t the best back on track food.


Stay tuned for NY pizza eats and other random eats, and then finally pictures of the non food events.