What I ate Wednesday, #8


This post was supposed to be for last week’s WIAW..but it wouldn’t work when I was in NY so I am posting it now! Stay tuned for NY and Boston Eats soon. I have over 1000 pictures to go through. Patience is virtue right?

Since I am in NY this what I ate Wednesday is from a day last week! I have yet to figure out how to blog more that one picture at a time to tumblr from an iphone. Enjoy!

Breakfast- Yogurt, strawberries, and peanut butter topped with dehydrated shredded coconut! So good!

Don’t forget the vitamin C- Odwalla’s were on sale.

Lunch- Leftover gluten free eggplant pizza from local habit. Probably some of the best pizza I’ve had! Served with a small bowl of potato soup.

Dinner- Salmon salad topped with avocado. I am trying to get all my summer foods in before the season changes!

Happy Hump Day!


What I ate Wednesday, #7

Here is my What I ate Wednesday Birthday food edition! Oh so awesome!


Breakfast- Gluten Free Pancakes with tons of butter and maple syrup! Ummm did I mention maple syrup?

And then a minor interruption to eating…Sailing! With some really awesome people :)

Lunch- Broken Yolk, could this omelet get any bigger? It had avocado and sprouts and bell peppers-delicious.

And don’t forget the mimosas!

Dinner- we made sushi! Yep made it! which is why this roll looked amazing… 

and this one, not so much :)

Dessert which was not pictured was sake, sake, more sake, and some sesame balls!

Happy Hump Day!


What I ate Wednesday, #7

Ooooh What I ate Wednesday is here! Here are my lovely eats from Sunday, yippee holiday weekend eats.


Brunch at R.Gang Eatery- Egg scramble with cheddar and chive stuffed tater tots! Delicious! 

Lunch- BBQ! BBQed salmon with pineapple, corn, and a potato. So good! BBQs are the best.

Dinner- An all american Big Mac…Just kidding! It’s a black bean burger from Peas and Thank You Book and served with tomatoes, avocado, and honey gouda cheese on GF bread. Best burger I’ve had in a long while.

Happy Humpday!


What I ate Wednesday, #6


Yippeee! Wednesday! I am really loving these posts, and they remind me that I’m about halfway through the work week :) Waking up this morning my hip feels a lot less sore so I am excited for day two of running! I am still doing well with gluten & soy free, next week I add in some edamame to test it, now here is what I ate…

Breakfast- Vanilla yogurt with trail mix and some cookie dough balls (recipe adapted for gluten free using coconut flour).

Lunch- I have been enjoying lunch outside with a book in hand! It has been really nice getting to enjoy the weather and get away from the computer for an hour. I finished the book The Help yesterday which I completely recommend. I am hoping to see the movie this weekend. Lunch was salad with tomatoes, bell pepper, swiss cheese, brown & wild rice, and cucumbers served with oranges, plums, and a side of Udi’s gluten free bread. I have been enjoying my salads without dressing and with fresh squeezed oranges instead. If you are looking to cut calories or can’t find a dressing you like try it out.

For dinner I made pizza! But, is that really surprising? But I tried out Udi’s Gluten Free Crust. The package came with two crusts for $5 which I picked up at Whole Foods. Usually gluten free foods scare me, but I thought I would try it because I really wanted pizza. I topped the pizza with an eggplant sauce, white cheddar, garlic stuffed olives, and artichoke hearts. It turned out amazing!

The crust was slightly weird, but I dont think I would have noticed if I didn’t know it was gluten free. And it was way cheaper than buying the expensive gluten free pizzas in the prepared foods dept at Whole Foods, which I was tempted to do.

Happy Hump Day!

What I ate Wednesday, #5

It’s that time again! What I ate Wednesday :) Lots of good eats over here even with the gluten free/soy free restrictions. I can always manage to find some food!


Breakfast- Yogurt and fruit! I actually forgot to take a picture so think this picture with apples and puffed millet instead.

For lunch I had some salad with carrots, plums, tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and an orange squeezed on top and on the side. Also on the side were some enjoy life cookies  in lemon flavor. Lunch wasn’t really my fave this time, just using up random food we have left in the fridge.


Non pictured snack- Celery and PB and hummus! Yumm! Does anyone else have an issue with the strings? I bit into one this weekend and it literally flossed 3 of my teeth. Awkward to say the least, being in a room of girls for a bachelorette party. Usually to avoid this I will use a peeler to peel off those pesky strings before eating.

And Dinner- How bout them beets? Do you like them? I definitely don’t! But I gotta keep eating them, since they are healthy and in my CSA box every week! I topped the beets with goat cheese and served with a side salad with more mozzarella, tossed in basalmic and vinegar. 

Happy Hump day! I’m hoping I can get my act together and work on posting more consistently and frequently! It’s been so busy around these parts lately!

What I ate Wednesday, #4

My stomach tends to disagree with me quite often. I often get stomach cramps and there is always a bit of a constant pressure/bubble feeling on my left side. So far I have not been successful determining which foods cause it, but I am definitely on a mission to get my health together! I am re-trying gluten free because it definitely seems to help this bloaty/crampy feeling I get when I eat too much bread and processed foods. I have been gluten free since August 1st and that little bubble feeling has seemed to have disappeared (for now at least). Starting monday I went soy-free too (I am working with a RD on this) which is definitely a new challenge! Tofu? Tempeh? Nada. I have some other beans as backup, sorry soy beans great northern and black beans are here to stay. Here is my soy-free, gluten-free WIAW!


Breakfast- Plain yogurt with some homemade granola, sliced nectarine, and sliced plum! I am loving my CSA box fruit! Umm and yes..I eat yogurt every morning and I don’t really like it, weird right? I just like the way it makes me feel, full but not heavy.

Lunch- More Summer Caprese Salad  with spring mix (old picture, but literally imagine this on top of spring mix)

Dinner- Finished off the day with my new favorite find..Get ready for this (insert drumroll here) Wasabi & Horseradish Cheese! Used in wild quesadillas :)  filled with squash, eggplant, peppers, onion, and garlic on a gluten free Food For Life brown rice tortilla.

Have a happy hump day! I still giggle at hump day..can’t help it :)

What I ate Wednesday, #3


This week/month I am giving gluten free another go. I really do think it helps my stomach issues, so I am giving it another shot. So my WIAW is gluten free today! But, that is not super uncommon for me anyway.

Breakfast- Plain yogurt, homemade honey granola, gluten free cinnamon raisin bread

Lunch- Frozen/heated zucchini marinara pasta. I bought these things at costco, they are gluten free and vegan and pretty tasty for a  quick meal or snack. I also had some fruit too.

And Dinner- Salmon with sweet potato feta and blood orange steamed kale

Happy Hump Day!

What I ate Wednesday, #2


I can’t believe it has already been a week since the last/my first WIAW! Here it goes again:

Breakfast-Siggi’s with plums and blood oranges from my CSA box. Delish!

Lunch- pita with avocado and cucumber

and another pita with leftover vegetable “lasagna”- made with tofu, eggplant, cheese, yellow squash, and tomatoes (recipe/tutorial to come soon)

Dinner- More leftover grilled pizza…yummmm

And Happy Hump Day! I think the week might actually be going fast for a change..or maybe I am just keeping really busy. Craft night tonight..be warned fun projects are going to pop up on the blog soon :)

What I ate Wednesday, #1


Yippeee! My first What I ate Wednesday post! And actually it is what I ate today :)

Breakfast was Siggi’s Plain Yogurt with granola and apple.

Lunch was a salad containing wild rice, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, almonds, and spinach with some orange juice squeezed on top. I also had some nettle tea which I made using my new french press. Oh so excited :)

And last but not least, dinner. I have this new goal to become mayor of this cool local pizza place by our house, Local Habit. They have vegan, gluten free, and organic local food! Tonight was my third time going and I really am in love with it. We had vegetarian mushroom bread pudding, 

mushroom pizza with pesto and organic cheddar, 

and a Stone limited edition collaboration to wash it all down. Green tea beer! The beer was great, light but strong at 9.2% alcohol! 

Happy Hump Day!